Traces of life from more than 250 years of farm and family history

The Oberhaus in Feldbach was built in 1743 and has been inhabited by the Bühler family ever since. Over the course of more than two centuries, numerous traces of life accumulated in the house. They document the history of the family, but they also show the development of farm life and the whole region from pre-industrial times until the second half of the 20th century.

Picture: Martin Zeller

The foundation “Stiftung Erhalt Lebensspuren Oberhaus” aims to preserve the traces of life at the Oberhaushof farm and open them to the public through guided tours.

At present, this is not yet possible. However, the space for the traces of life has been cleared, the first funds have been granted and a first project has been launched. As part of this project, the traces of life will be condensed and attended to. Additionally, we will develop modules for guided tours on different topics. We expect that we can offer the first guided tours in summer 2024.

Do you want to support us financially or ideationally so that we can preserve this unique regional heritage? Please contact us at or make a donation to the donations account CH75 0070 0110 0064 2987 6, issued to Fondation des Fondateurs, Breitingerstrasse 35, 8002 Zürich, Rubrik: Siftung Erhalt Lebensspuren Oberhaus.